Monday, October 20, 2008

School has started and wow what a September! The kids have been busy with the whole start of school and what classes they would be in, with what teachers. It is finally resolved and Nana has her class with her two teachers (one 3 days a week and the other 2 days) and T-man has his class with his two teachers (one 4 days a week and 1 one day a week)
T-man's teacher just happens to be the teacher Nana had when she was in grade one, so that is good. I know she will keep him very busy. Actually she has him on a reading program (home reading program) and has said that he is 8 levels up from what a grade one should be reading at. We are so proud of him.
Nana is making new friends at the school and still hanging around with her old friends to. She seems to enjoy going to school and says she likes her teachers. With T-Man not complaining of being bored we are doing great.
I am on the PAC (Parent Advisory Committee) and we started off the school year with a Meet the Teacher BBQ. I had to keep track of all the orders, and then make sure we had enough ordered and then make up these tickets, so that everyone got what they ordered. Whew! The parents and the teachers Loved it and want to do it again next year. We didn't make any profit on it, well about $50 but after you take off what we paid for the cakes, it went away. Oh well, it was more to benefit the kids and say 'Welcome Back'.
So far we have had our first hot lunch and it wasn't without it's problems. Children thinking they got hot lunch when they hadn't and those who were sent without a lunch, but over all we made sure everyone was fed and it went very well.
I have yet to tally the profit or loss (lol) but I am sure we did very well with this one. The next hot lunch is on November 21st.
I am still helping out at the church every other Sunday as a Sunday School Teacher. Loving every bit of it, with 24 kids or You get it all in one package. Snotty noses, smelly bums, crying, whimpering, yelling, squeeling, you name it. But really, it is worth it. Mom and dad can relax and enjoy the service while the kids are taken care of.
I am also still helping out with kids club. I was to do the 2-5's this year, but that didn't work out so well, so I go on Wednesday nights to help out Tammy if she needs help. Usually she doesn't, but I go anyway.
I also have started up going to MOM's again on Tuesday mornings. Such a wonderful time visiting with other moms and doing our book studies and just chatting all together.
I don't scrapbook much, but will go once in awhile to see the girls.
Kelly still isn't working and it is taking it's toll on the family as I can see that he is getting tense. He has always been able to find a job lickety split after another, but for some reason, this time, it isn't happening. I wonder if it is the Canadian Economy? He has many skills behind him, but most of the positions want either someone who is ticketed or someone who is way 'underqualified'.
I am sure soon, the Lord will put something or someone right in front of him and that/they will be the answer.
Well I believe I have caught you all
Stay tuned!


Drbuffy said...

Hi my name is Jennifer and I am also addicted to Hatchlings. I've barely slept the last two nights LOL. I saw your post on the forum about sharing. I have about 10 friends on Hatchlings and they aren't even my real friends and I always look at their nests and give them my extras if they don't have them but no one bothers to return the favor which is ok but it would be nice to work together with someone. We seem to have the same philosophy so if you'd like to team up let me know. Make a list of what you need and email it to me on facebook. Here is my facebook URL, send me a friend request.

I'm figuring my list out now so I can post on the sharing site but that seems pretty random. Hope you're game.